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Ken Vandermark’s Concept-Jazz

Hank Shteamer explores the various concepts behind Ken Vandermark's latest trio of recordings: Double or Nothing, Two Days in December, and Atlas.

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Celebrating Brevity

Artist: Andrew Barker/Matthew Shipp/Charles Waters

Album: Apostolic Polyphony

Label: Drimala

Review date: Jun. 10, 2003

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More Direct, Less Dynamic

Artist: The Cosmosamatics

Album: Cosmosamatics II

Label: Boxholder

Review date: Feb. 20, 2003

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Two Masterful M.O.'s: The Big Bands of Andrew Hill and Dave Holland

Artist: Andrew Hill / Dave Holland

Album: A Beautiful Day / What Goes Around

Label: ECM

Review date: Jan. 21, 2003

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In Our Times

Artist: School Days

Album: In Our Times

Label: Okkadisk

Review date: Oct. 30, 2002

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Intriguing Imbalance

Artist: Matthew Shipp

Album: Equilibrium

Label: Thirsty Ear

Review date: Apr. 1, 2003

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Hook-laden Impatience

Artist: Sicbay

Album: Overreaction Time

Label: 54º40' or Fight!

Review date: Mar. 24, 2003

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