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Erase Errata - Dancing Machine: The Remix Record

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Artist: Erase Errata

Album: Dancing Machine: The Remix Record

Label: Troubleman Unlimited

Review date: Jun. 4, 2003

Friends Mean Disintegration

This short (18-minute) remix EP features four Erase Errata songs from the Other Animals album remixed by electronic experimenters Kid606, Matmos, Adult., and Kevin Blechdom – primarily Bay Area homies taking digital razorblades to the angular No Wave-inspired Erase Errata songbook.

Kid606 offers "Retreat, the Most Familiar," outfitted with a pretty kickin' rhythm aided and abetted by strong growling bass and farting synth blats. It reminds me a bit of Alec Empire's good stuff. The guitar is kept around in bits and pieces as a rhythmic counterpoint to the steady drums, while the vocals are kept to a minimum.

"Other Animals" from Matmos features an ’80s electro-rhythm style, with cut-up vocal elements reminiscent of Steinski's school of chop-and-shop wisdom. The song thickens as it progresses, then breaks down into a naked bassline before old-school drum machine claps kick in and the song revs with digitally-fucked-with vocal samples.

A buzzing, chugging rhythm with electro-synth beefiness leads Adult.'s take on "Marathon.” Again, ’80s synths augment the simple drums and scratchy guitar, which along side the lackadaisical vocals makes this reminiscent of early Human League or The Normal.

Perhaps the most deconstructed track here is Kevin Blechdom's assault on "Rat Race," and it's definitely the least cohesive as well. It starts out like a cartoon factory, but quickly develops into a multi-layered mosquito attack. Occasional breaks quickly ramp back up into rumbling buzzing squiggling repeating sound nuggets. The country-style fiddle and banjo bit towards the end is rather distracting and doesn't go anywhere, aside from providing a few chuckles.

Serious fans of Erase Errata's originals may get a kick out of this collection of remixes. As evidence of artists' ever-increasing ability to digest and emit versions of tracks that differ from the originals in every way, it's an interesting artifact as well. It might just be worth it for the Kid606 track alone, if you own a convertible with a beefy stereo in a sunny clime.

By Mason Jones

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