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Artist: Win Win

Album: Win Win

Label: Vice

Review date: Feb. 24, 2011

This record is way too easy to hate. So I’m going to like it. Because it’s counterintuitive. Better yet, “just because.” Also because I enjoy listening to it, and can take a swing at explaining why.

It’s a creation of XXXChange, Devlin and Ghostdad. XXXChange is the main DJ behind Spank Rock, actually a trio, generally known as one deadpan rapper stupidly known as “the hipster Luther Campbell,” because people don’t appreciate him, them or 2 Live Crew. But, anyway, he’s the foundation of Spank Rock’s strange and fascinating 2006 LP YoYoYoYoYo. Devlin is Devlin of Devlin and Darko, which… oh, who the fuck cares. Ghostdad is a visual “collage artist.” Basically, these are obnoxiously dressed nouveau riche Brooklyn bottom-feeders. They’re cool people and they suck. And they got their little project signed to Vice, which sucked before sucking was cool. And sucking for a living only worked during the Bush years.

Nevertheless, this happened, and it features special guests. Lots of them. The chick from Gang Gang Dance is here. Someone from Hot Chip is here. Andrew WK is here. Party, right? Who doesn’t like to party?

Well, I enjoy the occasional party. And I don’t mind party people if they make decent music, as long as they’re engaged in that activity. I don’t mind party music if it thumps, grinds and acknowledges itself. I definitely don’t mind party music if it sees existential angst and eerie loneliness at the door at lets ‘em in. I’m not even sure if these people are as shitty as I previously thought.

I will wake up, and I harbor my regrets. But I’ll still enjoy the hard-driving, dirt-slinging stupidity of “Victim,” the sly stupidity of “Pop a Gumball” (feat. WK’s most ridiculous falsetto) and particularly the eerie, disassociated funk of “Cada Buen Dia.”

Win Win is an odd stew. When the hangover is gone, the jokes and the alienated undercurrent inspire reflection and revisitations. These party people do not live by booger sugar alone.

By Emerson Dameron

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