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Angel Corpus Christi - Accordion Pop Vol. 1

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Artist: Angel Corpus Christi

Album: Accordion Pop Vol. 1

Label: Gulcher

Review date: Mar. 10, 2004

Accordion Flop

It does exactly what it says on the tin – “Accordion Pop Vol.1: No Drums, No Bass, No Vocals.” Just a little reverb (thank the lord for the reverb). This CD reissue of a 1985 cassette-only release, originally put out by Stim Records, finds long-running singer-songwriter-accordionist, and sometimes MX-80 collaborator, Angel Corpus Christi reinterpreting a hefty chunk of the all-time classic pop catalogue – “Imagine,” “Love Me Tender,” “I’m A Believer,” “Downtown,” “Femme Fatale,” “Hey, Jude” – they’re all here. But the pertinent question should be asked – why are they? This collection is performed with so straight a bat, totally without thrills (reverb notwithstanding) or trace of imagination, that you are left wondering what exactly the point is. There’s a large vacuum where a heart should be beating. If you are in any doubt that the accordion cannot evoke emotion, then check out the two Baby Dee albums out on David Tibet’s Durtro imprint, where the instrument is used to startling effect, first to caress and then to break the listener’s heart. Conversely, what we have here is no more then your standard busker fare – limpid and soulless renditions of over familiar songs. I, for one, would not be tempted to throw any coins into the hat.

The packaging also makes the bold boast: “Hear these tunes like you’ve never heard ‘em before!”. Well maybe that much is true. The thing is, there’s simply no need to hear them. You know exactly what you’re getting form the outset. Vol.2? I’ll pass thank you.

By Spencer Grady

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