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Listed: Wino + Jerusalem and the Starbaskets

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Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists determined by our favorite artists. This week: Saint Vitus founder Scott Weinrich and psych-pop duo Jerusalem and the Starbaskets.

Listed: Wino + Jerusalem and the Starbaskets

Scott "Wino" Weinrich

There’s no Winofest, but based on Scott "Wino" Weinrich’s substantial contributions to metal, there could probably be one comprising just bands he himself is associated with. While Weinrich was never able to successfully brand himself quite like his Anglo counterpart, Ozzy Osbourne, he remains a much adored cult figure in the world of the loud and the heavy. He formed proto-doom band The Obsessed in Maryland in the late 1970s, and went on to front legendary SST metal band Saint Vitus following a move to California in the mid 1980s (allegedly playing bass for the Mentors while out west as well). He formed stoner-metal trio Spirit Caravan in 1996, joined Om’s Al Cisneros and Scott Kelly of Neurosis in Shrinebuilder in 2008, and released his first solo album, on Southern Lord, in 2009. Turning 50 in September, Weinrich shows no signs of slowing down. His newest project, Premonition 13, released the album 13 in the summer of 2011. For this week’s listed he offers up a batch of records that keep him going.

1. Frank Zappa - Hot Rats
First, I love Zappa’s tone with the wah quacking and the jagged beautiful soundpainting solos. This alongside...

2. ZZ Top - Tres Hombres
…were the records I listened to the night of my first acid trip. Blue Microdot. "Willie the Pimp" and "Waitin’ For The Bus.” The high hat at the beginning of "Waitin’ For The Bus" is so cool that I kept lifting the needle and playing it over and over!

3. Humble Pie - Rockin’ the Fillmore
Hard to believe it’s Frampton at age 17, but it is and it’s the team of the day: Marriott and Frampton. Stunning. I listen to "Stone Cold Fever" and "Four Day Creep" at least once a week. Sorta like going to the gym.

4. Blue Oyster Cult - Tyranny And Mutation
Dig this, it needs no explanation. I don’t like anything after "On Your Feet or On Your Knees.” I have their symbol tattooed on my chest because of this album!

5. Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced
The hardest decision of my life at a young age was to buy this or Black Sabbath’s Paranoid--who I saw on tour at age 12. Still could tell you what Ozzy was wearing. Ready? Thigh high black boots, red velvet bloomers and a black, gold and red dashiki. Warmed up by Edgar Winters White Trash featuring guitar player.... Rick Derringer!

6. Neil Young - Tonight’s The Night
One of my all time favorite drug songs is "Come on Baby Let’s Go Downtown,” actually sung by Danny Whitten who died shortly thereafter. I lost my virginity to an older woman who played a Martin twelve string and sang like an angel, he was her favorite artist.

7. Mahavishnu Orchestra - Between Nothingness and Eternity (Live In Central Park)
The Asian flavored solo proves he’s an alien. The best EVER. Keep striving.

8. Johnny Winter - Live Johnny Winter And
Kicks motherfuckin’ ass with Bobby Caldwell on drums which brings us to...

9. Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond
The cool one with the dude on the BIG CRYSTAL shard. Stunning. Intricately produced. Perfect. Check out this line up playing the whole record in rare but obtainable video at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Rhino on guitar along with Rod Evans of Hush-era Deep Purple. Essential! Hear me?!!!

10. The Hidden Hand - Mother Teacher Destroyer
The hard runner for my favorite album of my stuff! If you haven’t heard it yet, YouTube is Godlike with the old footage!

Jerusalem and the Starbaskets

On quite the opposite end of the spectrum from our friend Wino, Jerusalem and the Starbaskets are a duo that plays noisy psych-pop that is heavily influenced by Americana country music and stoner-slack indie rock. That Southern influence comes from Memphis native Jeremy Freeze, who met Kim Sherman while living in Columbia, Missouri. The two formed Jerusalem and the Starbaskets, recording a handful of now impossibly rare cassettes. Their first full length, DOST, was released by Destilj in mid 2011.

1. Motley Crue - “Too Fast For Love”
My favorite Camaro jam. I still have the tape I got when I was 11. Nikki Sixx was on fire when he laid out all those hooks. This album makes me Stay Hungry.

2. Alan Vega - “Ice Drummer” from Alan Vega
I want to start a support group with Alan Vega & Micheal Hurly where we go to the beach, build a fire, pass around a bottle of Rye, and talk about full moons. Prince should do this song.

3. Kris Kristoferson - "To Beat the Devil" from Kristofferson
Big fan of the recitation and this one is King Daddy of Shit Mountain from a Rhodes scholar, no less. I’ve tried to work up the nerve to write one of these, then I hear this and just shrivel.

4. OMD - Dazzle Ships
Remember how scary the 80’s stint of the Cold War was? A kid at my school had a license plate that said "Russia Sucks." Why not make a record that dresses up that fear in huge fur coats and then throw sparklers and Black Jacks at it?

5. Henry’s Dress
Henry’s Dress was our model, sonically, when we started this band. Metal shards in your Frosted Flakes that you’re gonna eat through your ears? Hurts so sweet.

6. Daydream Frequency
John Garland taught me the secrets of creating your own fuzz. He is a tone Jesus. His own recordings and his work with Lost Sounds are testaments to the Fuzz Bible.

7. Mimi and Richard
Mimi is one of my favorite guitar players of all time. Her voice makes me think of little kids making discoveries. I think Richard played ukelele or something...

8. Rolling Stones - "Waiting for a Friend" from Tattoo You
C’mon, isn’t this what we’re all doin anyway? This band will always be better than yours.

9. George Jones
I would hold up a Jerry hand, no problem, if I could sing like this man.

10. Madonna - "Live to Tell" from True Blue
That this song comes from one of the best movies ever made makes it even sharper. What will burn inside of you?

By Dusted Magazine

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