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Listed: The Snares + Japanther

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Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists determined by our favorite artists. This week: Brooklyn's Japanther and New Zealand's The Snares.

Listed: The Snares + Japanther

The Snares

The Snares are currently awaiting money from the sales of their debut CD, Something Happened on the Way to Heaven in order to release the next, Dance the Dervish, on their own label, Horrible Records. The trio of Mike Dooey, Max Funke and Brett Moodie is currently looking for a deal to get its recordings released in the U.S., due to interest generated by Hamish Kilgour and the DJs at WFMU. The material was recorded on 8-track in an empty house in North East Valley, Dunedin, and while a lot different from the first CD, is basically live – recorded over a couple of days following their recent NZ tour. There are more tracks this time (10) and it’s more representative of the band’s range of styles and sounds. The group hopes to release the new record in June or July.

This is Max and Brett’s record list (Mike only listens to live bands these days):

1. Elixir in Flux – A self-titled limited release 12” on vinyl, available only in New Zealand. Frenetic, energetic and relentless – as they are live. Watch out for their official release – due out soon!

2. T RexThe Slider (Mercury/EMI) – This is a well known and well loved artefact from the 70s – we have 2 worn-out copies. Brett loves the red, black and white cover art and can't get enough of the first and last songs: "Metal Guru" and "Main Man", not to mention everything in between.

3. The BitesOver Dusky Sound – A 4-track CD released by this Melbourne band for their tour of the South Island of NZ in 2002. 3 singing guitars, great vocal harmonies, songs and arrangements. They have an album due for release soon and we wait.

4. Eddie CochranLegendary Masters Series #4 (EMI) – It’s all been said before so better just listen. Max says there ain't no cure for Eddie Cochran.

5. Roky Erikson – You're Gonna Miss Me (Restless/Enigma) – Brett recently got hold of this compilation and has been blasting it in his flat most days. 20+ songs filled with zombies, vampires, the devil and love backed by an undeniably roky-rock n' roll. So macabre it seems funny but what makes this album even more amazing is that Roky was serious.

6. Tom WaitsRain Dogs (Island) – Swordfishtrombones started it but Rain Dogs keeps it flowing with more diversity and soul. While the mainstream bands of the mid-80s continued to churn out the most quickly dateable stuff imaginable, Tom was mingling in the shadows with his new masterpiece. Brett has been deeply influenced by the sporadic and unconventionally groovy guitar solos throughout the album; most notably on "Jockey Full of Burbon". Also the accordions and marimba from the title track and "Clap Hands" respectively, bring about an infectious and revolutionary new sound.

7. Alice CooperGreatest Hits (Warner) – Max listens to this a lot and says Alice had his finger on the pulse and is believable as an 18-year old even though he aint/wasn’t. Max listens to 70s records most because they’re generally cheaper to buy.

8. Kath Bloom – We don’t know the name of this record as our copy is a dubbed tape but Max says the guitarist, Loren Mezzacane Conners is cool and sounds like a cat.

9. Alex ChiltonDocument – Especially great are “Kangaroo” and “Big Black Car” (probably better known as the Big Star versions). Max says this record influenced her to effortlessly create two new songs.

10. 13th Floor ElevatorsBull of the Woods (Get Back) – Max says she feels over the moon when she listens to “Never Another” on this record. There’s a great lyric, attributed to Sutherland, on “Barnyard Blues” – “You are the pilot of my plane. You are the whistle on my new electric plane”.

Mike’s live band highlights of 2003 so far (no order):

– All New Zealand gigs

o Elixir in Flux @ Bodega, Wellington

o The Aesthetics @ The Kings Arms, Auckland

o Bob Dylan @ WestpacTrust Stadium, Christchurch

o Cortina @ Alistair Galbraith’s place, Wanganui

o The Lonesome Throats @ Arc Café, Dunedin

o Hiss Explosion @ Arc Café, Dunedin

o AJ Sharma @ The Pinnacle Cub, Auckland


Japanther, a bass and drums duo, is party to the ever-expanding DIY Brooklyn music scene that values intuitive intensity over intellectual posturing. Touring the country with an honest punk aesthetic, Japanther play in basements, living rooms, and wherever they’re allowed to be true to their craft. The duo formed in 2001 and almost immediately opened for Pink and Brown and Lighting Bolt. An EP followed on Olympia’s Tapes Records in June of 2002 and the duo also made an appearance on free103point9's Radio Action I collection of sound works. A new LP called Leather Wings should be available from Menlo Park Recordings any day now. Drummer Ian Vanek took time out to put some recent thoughts to paper…

10. CastroCardboard People (Tapes) – Castro makes Bedroom pop with smiles and jokes. They make fun and catchy music that reminds me of Portland, at least in spirit. Bands like New Bad Things and Sone come to mind with their soulful 4-track recordings. The packaging is tops, too! Yellow vinyl with hand-screened yellow and brown covers.

9. Os Mutantes/Gil Gilberto – "Bat Macumba" (Polygram Brazil) – I don't know much about the authors of this song, but I've listened to it a million times. It has a soul to it, not unlike punk rock does, but with Latin drumming and clanking. "Fucking amazing" is all I can really say about this one.

8. Astrid Oto Any 7” – Aaron Cometbus comes through again and again with many volumes of DIY. Be it his drumming or his writing, this kid is prolific. All the Astrid Oto 7”s are good. Male-female vocals have made for some of my favorite hardcore bands. X comes to mind, as does Area 51. This follows fast in those veins. Catchy punk songs with stops and starts that make you feel big.

7. Ipi ’n Tombia – "The Warrior" (Stax) – I bought this record for a dollar and it has amazing Christian pop qualities and great Nigerian drumming. The record is a product of Nigeria as well, which made me stoked. The type is strange and the influences are questionable. I'll have to make you a tape.

6. The Whip – Freelance Liaison/Sheep and Goat Judgment 7" (Wäntage USA) – The Whip is Joe from Thrones and Jared and Scott from Karp! This record is fucking amazing. Wäntage USA provides flannel rock from Seattle. Heavy, fucking heavy bro, get that cabinet and let’s rock.

5. Magnetic Fields "Strange Powers" (Merge) – If you’re depressed, get these records and feel a little better or at least gain some kin. I love you Kate!

4. The Affair – "New Garage" – I heard The Affair on headphones in an office. The voice I heard made me think of X-Ray Specs. I was really actually into a band someone was playing for me. When we got a chance to play with them, they were new and awkward, but they had soul and a sound. Imagine Mick Collins (Dirtbombs, Gories) singing in Blondie...oh yeah, but he's a girl and kinda hot. Keep an ear out.

3. Little Red Car Wreck – "Rip Up The Carpet" (YoYo) – I know nothing of this band except that this compilation song will make you dance. Bedroom pop holds a high seat at my table and this is almost perfect. Fuck we sampled it, it’s so amazing. Buy the YoYo comp that has these guys on it and cherish it.

2. Early Humans – "Even Janet Jackson Has Soul" (Wäntage USA) – This DC rock confusion, destroy band left the earth last summer. These recordings are a testament to their struggle and beauty. They seriously had an amazing sense of timing noise, rock and soul. They have some 7”’s and a CD on Wäntage USA.

1. Sean and Ian – "The Blunder" (from 100,000 Years of Sean & Ian ) – I love this record for it's whimsy and brilliant. The lyrical content is amazing and to know Sean is to know nothing like him. We recently visted him at his new job at Hustler Magazine. Fucking brilliant, Bravo! I saved No. 1 for this CD. Bye, I love you guys.

By Dusted Magazine

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