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Today we wrap up Destined, our speculative series highlighting artists we're watching in 2008. Our final artist: High Places.

Dusted's Destined 2008

To kick off the new year, Dusted Magazine is pleased to bring you our fifth edition of Destined - a series that spotlights 10 artists to watch during 2008 and beyond. Here's who we picked:

Dusted's Destined 2008

Monday, January 7: Food For Animals
Tuesday, January 8: Emeralds
Wednesday, January 9: Invisible Conga People
Thursday, January 10: Sex Vid
Friday, January 11: Hercules and Love Affair
Monday, January 14: Fuck Buttons
Tuesday, January 15: Los Llamarada
Wednesday, January 16: C Joynes
Thursday, January 17: Mi Ami
Friday, January 18: High Places

By Dusted Magazine

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