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Listed: Vladislav Delay + AGF

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Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists determined by our favorite artists. This week: Vladislav Delay and AGF.

Listed: Vladislav Delay + AGF

Vladislav Delay

Vladislav Delay, who has also performed under a variety of other names (the best being 'Luomo') hails from Helsinki, but has recorded, studied, and released music all around the world. Following a variety of experiments with the fusion of electronics and live music, Delay released his first solo electronic record, Kind of Blue (Huume Finland) in 1998. Since then Delay has been one of the most critically heralded and diverse figures in electronic music, helping to pioneer a style of electronic music that now helps characterize entire genres and regions. Delay has worked with electronic luminaries such as Pole, Richie Hawtin, and many others, and has release music on labels such as Mille Plateaux, Staubgold, and Force Tracks. Vladislav Delay's newest album, Demo(n)tracks is out now on Huume Records.

Something like a top 10:
1. Jane's Addiction - all albums This was a big inspiration many years ago for me and now is enjoying its second coming. Perry Farrell is inspiring and challenging, and Stephen Perkins is a great drummer. Their music is just so fucking cool.

2. 22-Pistepirkko Great Finnish pop whatever band. I have been a fan of theirs since I was a kid. This trio of humble Finnish guys could have sold their asses and souls out multiple times but they keep it real and for themselves. Respect my fellows.

3. Bad Religion Great pop songs all around. In their whole catalogue almost every song is a hit...

4. Prince - "Controversy" One of the greatest songs ever made. This guy is an adorable musician and artist, performer, whatever you wanna call him. One day I'm gonna record covers of his stuff, no matter what.

5. Gold Chains - new, yet-unreleased album we just did over here A good freind of mine. We had fantastic time here in Berlin and the new album is something previously unheard of - a great mix of his influences. It will be out on Kill Rock Stars one day.

6. Massive Attack - early works Masterpieces. Protection is one of my favorite albums of all time. Just amazing. Also No Protection by Mad Professor is a killer remake of the album. It's a shame they turned into beer music later on.

7. Outkast - old & new These guys constantly re-invent their music and manage to somehow stay on the succesful side of things. I have been following them since their first album which they made when they were like 17 years-old. I've really liked every album they've made. Big respect.

8. John Coltrane - A Love Supreme, Ascension and Blue Train He's a guy who knew what he wanted to do and was straight on it with no bullshit. It's a shame he didn't have more time to pursue and deliver his visions. There's a great book about making of A Love Supreme by Ashley Kahn. It's a must-read for anybody even remotely interested in him, and for those who don't know him (are there any?), it's even more essential...

9. Miles Davis - Bitches Brew, Bill Laswell dub album, Kind of Blue and many many more great works. One of the biggest influences for me. as a person, as an artist, and as a cultural figure. Most impressive is how he updated his music time after time and took risks while doing it instead of repeating himself. The way that he influenced people and musicians around him to get best out of themselves is amazing. He is the Andy Warhol of music, and then some.

10. Beethoven - 9th Symphony Creator of music as we know. I guess he broke more rules than anyone after him.


AGF, the alias of Antye Greie-Fuchs, is one of the more enigmatic vocalists operating today and not so much because of her actual vocal chords. It's what AGF does after she speaks that makes for challenging music. Greie-Fuchs first put her voice to tape with Laub, a programming duo with Von Jotka that often featured her austere delivery above scientific beats and bits. As her career progressed, however, her voice regressed. Greie-Fuchs's solo debut on Musork Orthlorng Head Slash Bauch is, by and large, a voice project that eschews language all together. AGF disassociates speech from meaning by slicing up her vocals into tiny slivers and rearranging them in chaotic fashion. Her second solo effort Westernization Completed is a step back towards communication, in that she strings together words, but the result still resists The Elements of Style, opting in stead for poetic reflections on the world around her. AGF also released a live recording on Quecksilber, Language Is the Most: Ars Electronica 2003. She also runs the website www.poemproducer.com.

1. Plastic Ono Band - all records This is about the "two things in life that are dependable: the delights of the reality and the delights of art" and how they can be melted into one. It's about how to find the artistic match and the struggle to find it in only a truly human element.

2. Nearly God (featuring Tricky) Deliciously twisted. Sadistic. Perverted. Dark and troubling. Knees with oxygen mask. Dark-haired siren. Revered or slagged. Sparse. Carnal. Lurid and seedily minimal. Without the condom and a desperate and primal hunger. YOU PROMISED ME POEMS.

3. Bjork - Post We live on a mountain. The top of a beautiful day. Throw little things towards the edge. Way to start the day to be safe up here with you I go through all this. Before you wake up. I follow with my eyes 'til they crash.

4. Artful Dodger - It's All About The Stragglers Re-rewind. Enter. Eelecta. Ehh. Yeah. Ehh. Eh yeah. Ehh. Yeah. Ehh. Enter. Selecta. Making moves, yeah, on the dance floor. From the front to the back that's where I was at. You know. You know. The Artful Dodger do it like that. Re-rewind. When the crowd say go Selecta.

5. Sinead O'Connor - Mandinka I'm dancing. Soon I can give you my heart I do know Man-din-ka. I do know Man-din-ka I do. I feel no pain. Soon I can give you my heart. Soon I can give you my heart. Soon I can give you my heart.

6. Vladisalv Delay - Entain (Mille Plateaux) I once owned this CD, long before I ever met Vladislav Delay. I wanted to give it to a friend for his birthday. I wrapped it with nice magazine paper. I took my car and made my way to the party. I never found the party... After driving around for an hour I went home again and parked the car. I forgot the CD present in the car. The next day my car was stolen.

7. Oval - Wohnton hallo draussen. hallo draussen. hallo draussen. hallo draussen. hallo draussen. hallo draussen. hallo draussen. hallo draussen. hallo draussen. hallo draussen. hallo draussen. hallo draussen. hallo draussen. hallo draussen. hallo draussen.

8. Lil' Kim /The Notorious KIM - "Aunt Dot" I put this track in a loop on my minidisc player in 2001 for several hundred times. It's a beautiful narrative story of failures in this world. A strong female statement. My favorite hip hop track.

9. Rosco P. Coldchain w/ Pusha-T & Boo-Boni - The Neptunes Presents...The Clones I have never heard a cooler beat and a stronger chorus line. I am Da Vinci. Don't make me draw your pain.

10. Aaliyah - "One In A Million" Baby girl you are in my mind. What a beautiful love song and hope for this planet. I am your fan!

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