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Listed: Noah Baumbach + Taylor Deupree

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Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists determined by our favorite artists. This week: Writer/director Noah Baumbach and 12k label head Taylor Deupree.

Listed: Noah Baumbach + Taylor Deupree

Noah Baumbach

Baumbach was born and raised in Brooklyn. He made his writing and directing debut at the age of twenty-four with the art-house hit Kicking and Screaming, the story of four young men who graduate from college and refuse to move on. The film premiered in 1995 at the prestigious New York Film Festival to tremendous critical acclaim. Baumbach was chosen as one of Newsweek's "Ten New Faces of 1996". His second film, Mr. Jealousy, which he also wrote and directed, premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and was released by Lions Gate Films in the summer of 1998. Baumbach is a contributor to The New Yorker magazine's Shouts & Murmurs department. His next film, about his childhood in Brooklyn, is The Squid and the Whale.

These are ten albums I've been listening to recently:

1. Colin Blunstone - One Year (Epic) - Lead singer of the Zombies. I love the Zombies and I recently heard him on NPR and he sounded really sweet and likable.

2. The Rolling Stones - Aftermath (Decca - UK edition) - Rereleased in sexy cardboard. But you have to buy both the UK and American if you want "Mothers Little Helper" AND "Paint it Black".

3. Michael Chapman - Rainmaker (Reperoire) - British folkie. I really like Bert Jansch and I heard a song from this guy on a friend's mix cd which sounded like something I might like.

4. The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (Warner Brothers) - I might like it even better than The Soft Bulletin.

5. Luna - Romantica (Jetset) - Dean Wareham's vocals are higher in the mix than on the last couple of albums and it gives the songs a really personal feel.

6. John Phillips - John, The Wolf King of LA (Dunhill) - I'm constantly looking for some hidden singer/songwriter gem from the 60's and 70's that I somehow overlooked. Usually I'm pretty disappointed. But this album is really great. It's too bad he didn't make more records.

7. Maher Shalal Hash Baz - From A Summer To Another Summer (Geographic) - I like Reiko Kudo and Nagisa Nite too, but I'm still unclear how they all relate to one another, if at all.

8. Loudon Wainwright III - Last Man on Earth (Red House) - This record stays with me like a really sad autobiographical novel.

9. Mum - Finally We Are No One (Fatcat) - I usually don't pick music for the weather, but this one is great when it storms.

10. George Jones - A Picture of Me Without You (Epic) - Kind of a random choice as I love pretty much any George Jones, but I particularly love the 70's Billy Sherrill produced stuff which I find very moving.

Taylor Deupree

In just over five years, Deupree has turned 12k into one of, if not the, world’s premier minimalist labels. The Brooklyn label has achieved world-wide acclaim for its ambitious forays in electronic sound art. In 2000, Deupree, in collaboration with Richard Chartier, created LINE, a sub-label of 12k that has broken new ground in ultra-minimalist art. This year, as part of 12k’s fifth anniversary, Deupree launched term., an online gallery of time-limited MP3s designed to subvert the fetishization of CDs, LPs and cassettes, opting for “pure data and imageless sound information.” Deupree has also recorded material for a number of other labels: balance on Mille-Plateaux, continue, on fallt, and polr on Raster-Noton.


1. Sugar PlantDry Fruit (Hot-Cha, Japan) - I never get sick of Sugar Plant's music. The melancholy lullabies about water and dreamy things…wrapped in the simplest, yet most powerful music. I never travel without Sugar Plant. It relaxes me.

2. Stephan MathieuSad Mac, Live at MUTEK (12k/term. MP3, USA) - I was fortunate enough to be able to release Stephan's live set at MUTEK (Montreal) this year as an MP3 on my web MP3 series. It was an incredibly inspirational performance. The best of what was an incredible few days of music.

3. Joy DivisionHeart and Soul Box Set (London, UK) - What can I say..? An invaluable collection....

4. AGFHead Slash Bauch (Orthlorng Musork, USA) - Hadn't heard her material until MUTEK. Really loved it and bough the CD after the show. I love vocal granulation. Some really engaging Reaktor textures in there.

5. SogarBasal (12k, USA) - Maybe my favorite release on 12k so far. A really perfect combination of melody, scratchy sounds and a few passages that make you wonder if it was intentional or not…

6. HazardWind (Touch, UK) - I love Hazard's music. Really textural. Part ambient, part experimental. Very organic…yet digital.

7. CharaMadrigal (Epic, Japan) - Chara makes perfect pop music. nothing too typical or contrived...great hooks and a really beautiful, powerful voice. James Iha does a lot of production on this album. adds a great touch.

8. FenneszEndless Summer (Mego, Austria) - My favorite album of 2001. I’m really interested in the digital processing of acoustic sounds. Fennesz does it really well, an equal portion of guitar and electronics. Some really beautiful passages.

9. MonolakeGobi - The Desert EP (Monolake, Germany) - My favorite Monolake recording. A lot of motion and deep, churning textures. Very warm.

10. New OrderGet Ready (London, UK) - Very happy to see New Order come back with such a great album. Arguably my favorite band of all time. This one captures a lot of what makes them great, instead of trying to be a band they're not. I should put Power Corruption and Lies on here as an 11th entry, simply because it's one of my top three albums of all.

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